About me

I am a Venezuelan Systems Engineer and a Senior Technician in Informatics, although I had experience in Telecommunications and Technical Support, my career has focused mainly in the area of development in which I have more than 20 years of experience, with a broad portfolio of projects done.

I have worked for several medium and large companies, among which is to highlight one of the most important, where I worked for 12 years, the Venezuelan state oil company, the main company in the country and one of the top companies worldwide, as Applications Analyst, position in which I developed several projects of short, medium and long range.

I have knowledge and experience in several server-side programming languages ( PHP, JAVA, C #, Python ), database engines ( MySQL, Postgres, MS SQL Server, Oracle ), obviously knowledge of SQL, No SQL Databases ( MongoDB, Firebase ) server management and Systems Operatives (Linux, OS and Window), FrontEnd Technologies ( HTML5, Javascript [ ES6, ES7 ], Typescript, CSS3 ), management of various Tools, Frameworks and Javascript libraries (jQuery, Sencha before called ExtJS, AngularJS, Angular 4, VueJS ), experience with content manager software (Wordpress, Joomla, among others).

I also have knowledge in graphic design tools, and even though I do not consider myself a designer, I have always been concerned not only with the functionality of the application but also with the user's experience when interacting with it, with a user-friendly interface, intuitive and easy to use.

I also have a Diploma in business intelligence, working with Pentaho, ETL and other tools to create data-driven solutions, reports and charts providing a comprehensive analisys and suport of effective decision making.

I believe in initiative and innovation as tools to create quality work and to solve problems in interesting ways. I am pro open source, I work in fact as a collaborator in a project called: Php Object Generator and in another own called POG + EXTJS.

Outstanding self-motivation. Able to undertake leading roles and provoke new initiatives in research projects. High communication and interpersonal skills. I have over 20 years doing this, and still love it!.


Web Developer

2017 - Present
GoingClear Interactive - Greater Boston Area

I am responsible of software development of all the projects in the company, like Websites, eCommerce Sites, Webapps, Progressive Web Apps & Mobile Apps as well as for overseeing the work done by any other developers in our team and make sure they are adhering to the software quality standards to make that work done with the highest possible quality.

Web Application Developer

2004 - 2016
Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. - Venezuela

Programming web applications for the Exploration and Production Division of PDVSA with the ultimate goal to impulse oil production. These applications were developed in different languages and technologies, depending on its use and users. Some applications in PHP, others in JSP, others in Java. I also used some javascript frameworks like (YUI, ExtJS) and libraries (JQuery), web technologies like AJAX, HTML5 & CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, AngularJS. Content Management Systems like Joomla, Wordpress. Responsive Web Design. I dabbled into mobile apps development with Ionic framework

Automation Project Manager

2001 - 2004
Traki Distribuidora,C.A. - Venezuela

Project Manager Automation of 54 TRAKI Stores in Venezuela. Creating Datacenter, POS (Point of Sales) Configuration, Network Configuration VPN and Developing a System for Inventory Control, Accounting and Paybills for each one of them.

IT Support Specialist

1999 - 2001
3D Vision,C.A. - Venezuela

Hardware Replacement. Networking and Application Development in Microsoft Visual Basic

System Developer

1998 - 1999
Computer & Software Solutions,C.A. - Venezuela

Development of a program for the Project of Electric Energy Recovery for the largest energy venezuelan provider Eleoriente Company.



It is a web application developed for the Great Mission Housing in Venezuela developed in Sencha Framework. It allows to keep the control of the inventory, the inlet and outlet of materials. HTML5, CSS3, Sencha/ExtJS


On the occasion of the First National University Conference on Oil and Gas, this web site it was designed/developed to provide information about the event, will also be developing an application that controlled pre-registration of teachers and students, the registration of the participants, the speakers, the guided tours of the facilities with dashboard and reports views. HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery

Kiniela Brasil 2014

To raise funds to benefit the Volunteer of PDVSA, an application to compete for prize in money was developed about who would win in the 48 games of the World Cup 2014. HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery

Kiniela Copa America Chile 2015

Due to the success of the last football pool of Brazil 2014, it decided to develop again the betting game for the Copa America back to benefit PDVSA Volunteer. HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery


Develop a software solution that supports the monitoring process license applications specialized Exploration and Production of Oil, in order to take control of facilities, availability and use of proprietary software licenses managed by FlexNet Server. This can be known how many licenses are being used, underused or not used at all and how many really need it and that can save a lot of money to the company. HTML5, Sencha


Working System Guard is a directory by which the information of all persons who are on call in case of any emergency or contingency that remains present within and outside the industry facilities JSP, Java, Tomcat Web Server


It is a system retains control of the cost estimates made by different departments for the procurement of materials needed to ensure business continuity. HTML, CSS, Javascript

Code Skills


Javascript (ES6) & jQuery

Angular, Ionic, Typescript




Databases (MySQL)


Soft Skills & Proficiency